Jose Rizal Scholastic Achievement Award

The Fil-Am Association of SCV, lnc. (Fil-Am) is announcing its search for candidates for the annual Jose Rizal Scholastic Achievement Award (JRSAAI. This award is established as part of the Fil-Am Association's commitment to promote educational excellence in our Filipino-American youth. lt is open to students graduating from high school, or an equivalency, who qualify under the established criteria set by the association. The following awards will be given to as many as three outstanding awardees:

First Prize S1,OOO.OO
Second Prize 5500.00
Third Prize 5250.00

ln addition, each awardee will receive a Plaque of Recognition; and the winning essay will be featured in the association's newsletter, Kababayan. Applicants must meet the qualifying criteria:

1. Must be of Filipino descent whose parent(s) reside or are employed in the Santa Clarita Valley area.
2. Must be a graduating senior in high school, or an equivalency, and will be enrolling in college. Students enrolling in a college accelerated program within the same qualifying year are eligible to apply.
3. Must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.50.
4. Must be involved in extra-curricular activities in school, community, or the Fil-Am Association's projects or events.

Should the applicant meet the above criteria, the following documents are required for submission:

1. A completed application form.
2. An official sealed copy of high school transcript of records.
3. A letter of recommendation from any of the following: High School Principal, Dean, Counselor, or Teacher. ln addition, the applicant should write and submit a 350-400 word essay on the topic specified on the application form. The applicant must also be available for a personal interview with the Fil-Am Scholarship Committee on the date specified on the application form.

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Scholarship Awardees 

  • 1988
    Mario Verdadero
    Myra Jimenez
    Maria Espejo
  • 1989
    Nora Reyes
    Rina Imperial
  • 1990
    Ellen Dalangin
    Julie Mae Obnial
    Joseph Gatdula
    John Obsenares
  • 1991
    Vivian Ruth Torredes
    Ma. Corazon Villarin
    Paul Imperial
  • 1992
    Maria Espejo
    Gary Gatdula
  • 1993
    Cheryll Lechuga
    Rina Imperial
    Trisha Lim
  • 1994
    Rosemarie Espejo
    Meryl Pascua
    Njambi Purdy

    Jamie Yraola
  • 1996
    Yazmin Gomez
    Aryan Bordallo
  • 1997
    Katherine Oro
    Mae Pascua
    Sharon Magpantay
  • 1998
    Nerissa Oxciano
    Njambi Purdy
  • 1999
    Sheryllene Go
    Gary Catig

    SeniorLacrista Joi Fuqua
  • 2000
    Stephanie Unson

    Daphne Lim
    Keith Reyes
  • 2001
    Reginald Panaligan
    Angela Guiao
    Russell Taylor
  • 2002
    David Schein
  • 2003
    Virginia Inoclesio
  • 2004
    Nolan Carreon
    Scott Sia
    Ashlee Flores
    Maritess Narcisso
    Alexis Salas
  • 2005
    Miko Tayoba
    Jeremy Schein
    Marc Miranda
  • 2006
    Angela Gatdula
    Casey Schein
    Alyssa Pasamba
    Courtney Uy
  • 2007
    Glen Olila
  • 2008
    Marc Abuel
    Leah Angelica Carrillo
    Lorenzo Rances
    Christine Soriano
  • 2009
    Myla Tayoba
    Adrianne Marin
    Lemuelle Carrillo
  • 2010
    David Troy
    Jennifer Lauren Owen
    Marjorie Jillian Carlos
    Miky Tayoba
  • 2011
    Eric James Olila
    Megan Sarte
    Nicole Sanchez
    Justin David
    Jose Daniel Feliciano
    Angelica Romanillos
    Coley Apsay
  • 2014
    Paolo Arguelles
    Alyssa Pabalan
    Mathew San Jose
    Alana Pasion
    Samila Reynes
    Joshua Sherfey
    Sarah Carey
  • 2015
    Trisha Magpantay
    Mareiah Alfonso
    Angelica Alberto
    Eugene Paul Mesina
    Marissa Magsarili
    Jaden Pasco
    Patrick Saulo
    Hayden Mathews
    Samantha Gebers
    Mizhael Dones
    Daniel Lee
  • 2016
    Joseph Raymund Espiritu
    Daniel Villaruz
    Seynt Jiro Sahagun
    Abigail Gordon
    Evan Block
    Reden Camonayan
    Trent Larson
    Zion Isaiah Calvo
    Jonathan Damaso